Why Switch To LED Flood Lights For Your Outdoor Lighting Needs

Are you looking for flood lights to illuminate your outdoor or patio? Homeowners normally would go with incandescent bulbs to light up their outdoor area. Although the light that incandescent bulbs give an ambiance of warmth to the place, they tend to emit tremendous amounts of heat causing the light bulb to break. The excess heat produced is also wasteful. Compact fluorescent bulbs are also not ideal as, like incandescent bulbs, they waste about 80% of energy as heat and are vulnerable to breakage due to the heat that is emitted.

Energy Star LED Flood Lights

Flood lights made of LED, especially the ones that are classified as Energy Star quality are the most suitable when it comes to illuminating the outdoors. LED lights are energy-efficient as they use the energy generated to light the area unlike incandescent and fluorescent bulbs which produce heat. As the bulbs do not generate heat, it is also less prone to breaking and thus are safe for outdoor use.

Homeowners who are shopping for LED lights should consider several things before purchasing. Flood lights come in different sizes and types and knowing the right product would prevent any surprises later. Check the area where the lights are to be mounted. One should also consider whether the area is a heavy or light traffic site to prevent any tampering of the light bulbs.

What to Look for in a LED Light Bulb

LED flood lights come in different finishes including stainless steel, lacquer and copper. Many homeowners choose the light’s finish based on the theme or style of their homes. Prices may also vary depending on the additional features of the material. china led floodlight

Depending on the type of intensity or illumination that homeowners want, choosing the right light bulb also has profound impact. Halogen bulbs are composed of halogen gas and tungsten filament giving them the ability to emit light brighter than other types. For those who are concerned with energy-saving, a light bulb made with sodium vapor is perfect as it is energy-efficient and less expensive. One downside with sodium vapored bulbs is that they tend to take longer to brighten up compared to halogen bulbs.

Motion and infrared sensor flood lights are popular as they are affordable and quite practical especially for elderly people. Motion sensor lights can detect heat waves and stay open to illuminate the area for homeowners and automatically shut off afterwards. Some models also feature dusk till dawn feature which automatically switch on the lights during sunset and off during sun rise. This feature is perfect for those who want to save on their electricity without compromising their comfort.



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