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Car stickers are a great solution for people who want to put a car sign on their vehicle but don’t want to cover up a lot of space. Car window stickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can even be die-cut to match your logo or custom design. There are many different ways to use these vinyl stickers, a few of which are listed here:

    1. Family stickers – One very popular use for car stickers is the family sticker. These are stick figure images of the family to whom the vehicle belongs. They can be customized with Mom, Dad, boys, girls, dogs, cats, etc. Christian families often purchase fish family stickers using the Christian fish symbol to represent the family members.
    1. Alumni stickers – Alumni stickers are often given to (or purchased by) college alumni upon graduation. New graduates are proud to display their alumni status on their vehicle. This can be a great welcome gift for alumni associations, or even a great source of revenue if sold.
    1. Sports stickers – Another car decal that has gained popularity is the sports sticker. Proud parents love to display their child’s name and favorite sport on their vehicle, and die-hard sports fans want to show support for their favorite team.
    1. Club stickers – Club stickers, like sports stickers, give parents the opportunity to support their student. Band, color guard, dance, martial arts, and other clubs often provide car stickers for their members. It’s a great way to raise money for your club as all your members will want to have a sticker on their vehicle! custom keychains
    1. Church stickers – Churches frequently order stickers for their congregation members. Not only does this build unity, it easily identifies church members and shows they are proud of their faith.
    1. Parking stickers – Parking passes are necessary for apartment complexes, large corporations, and public events. Ordering large-quantity car stickers is an affordable way to meet this need.
  1. Business stickers – Business stickers can be used to build awareness, promote the business, and, hopefully, reach new customers. Everyone loves giveaways, so consider ordering stickers for your business to give away at promotional events and trade shows.


These are just a few of the many popular uses for car stickers and car decals. There are honestly too many to mention in just one article! Whether you’re designing your own car sign or using a standardized design, car stickers are sure to make an impact on your vehicle.


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