Job Description and Salary of an Athletic Trainer

Athletic Trainers also work as partners of doctors, physical therapists and others in the medical field when they are forced to undergo medical procedures such as MRIs, x-rays, or surgery.

Athletic Trainers can only provide the most basic of medical care to their clients because they are not physicians. Most Trainers can be seen working closely with sports teams. PhysicalTrainers are typically the first to respond if a player gets injured during a game. They provide the player with emergency medical care or first aid until a physician arrives. Not all Athletic Trainers work with only sports athletes. You may even find Athletic Trainers working with the men and women in the military during their training. Athletic Trainers also play an important role in determining when an athlete may be ready to resume playing. Before giving the athlete the go signal to return to the field, they will consult with a physician first in order to confirm that the injury is healed.

Athletic Trainer’s Education, Training and Certification NIL
Possessing the proper credentials is very important for the trainers. Having a bachelor’s degree in athletic training is required. Degrees should be earned at an accredited (CAATE- Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education) college or university. Athletics who want to work at the professional sports level may need to obtain a Master’s degree. Taking anatomy, nutrition, physiology and biomechanics can be expected for those who are interested in becoming an PhysicalTrainer.

Students who want to become a Trainer must also have some clinical experience as a part of their coursework in addition to the typical classroom coursework. Clinical experience is meant to help give the student real-life experiences and situations that they may handle in the workplace. More experiences will be gained once you get into the field and begin working.

Almost all states will require Athletics to be certified and licensed in that state. The Board of Certification for Athletics offers a standard certification examination to become licensed. You must pass the BOC exam following graduating from an accredited program before you can sit for the certification exam. There are certain conditions that a Trainer must be satisfied; like adherence to the standards of practice and disciplinary process of BOC before being allowed to take the BOC certification examination.

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