Causes of Pregnancy Aches and Pains, and How Prenatal Massage Can Help

Over the past 10 years, working as a RMT, I have seen a huge increase in the demand for pregnancy massage. I am very excited that more and more mothers-to-be are incorporating prenatal massage into their health care regimes. Although massage therapy is very safe during your pregnancy, it is still important that you inform yourself about how massage can help, as well as how to find the right therapist. This short article will cover the musculoskeletal changes that occur throughout pregnancy, how massage therapy can help, as well as how to find a qualified Pregnancy massage RMT.

Changes that occur in the body during pregnancy

AS a mother-to-be you have probably already started to read up on what’s going on with your baby, how it’s growing, and how to keep it safe and happy. Unfortunately many women are so focused on the baby they forget to think of themselves as well. As the baby grows, there are many changes that need to occur in the mothers’ body in order for the pregnancy to progress normally. These changes vary from temporary to, in some cases, permanent.

Hormonal changes

In the earlier stages of the pregnancy these changes are very small, and in some cases cannot even be felt by the mother. Most of the changes felt are usually hormonal, that can often cause, fatigue, irritability, nausea, and water retention. As the fetus starts to grow, the body must change in order to support it, and make room. The body allows these changes to occur with the help of a hormone which is released later in the pregnancy. This hormone is called relaxin, and its job is to circulate in the body and cause all the ligaments in the body to become a bit more relaxed. This is important because as the baby grown the ribs need to shift and flare out, and the pelvis needs to widen to make room. Although these changes are natural and necessary they can also cause mild to moderate muscle and joint discomfort. As the ligaments loosen, and the joints become more unstable there is a significant increase in stress placed on the muscles. This increase in stress can cause muscular aches and pains, which can be easily alleviated with pregnancy massage.

Postural changes

As the uterus grows, the posture of the mother to be will progressively change along with it. Normal postural changes during pregnancy are: 출장마사지


    • An increase in the lordotic curve ( curve in the low back) This can lead to joint compression and muscular tension and the low back, causing pain and discomfort.


    • The pelvis will drop forward, and widen, increasing the strain on the muscles of the legs, hips and feet.


    • The ligaments along the Anterior and posterior aspect of the spine, as well as the ligaments of the pelvis will stretch out, predisposing the mother to ligaments sprains.


  • The shoulders will round forward causing a tightening of the pectoral muscles, and over stretching the mid back muscles. this can cause pain between the shoulder blades, and tightness in the chest.


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