The new smartphone from Oxygen, the OnePlus Nord, is a great addition to the current crop of smartphones that are gaining popularity in a big way. For an extra cost of $300, the company will be providing an extended warranty on the phone to anyone who purchases it. This is a deal that many people are taking advantage of as there is always a risk when buying products online. Most manufacturers do not offer such warranties as they are hoping to gain more profit from the sale in the short term. However, the extra money is usually worth it in the long run.

Customers in India are able to place pre-orders for the OnePlus Nord CE online at the moment and can get it in stock once the website gets updated. Users can also request for extras, which are actually simple additions that come with the phone such as Bluetooth compatibility or extra memory. These things are usually popular with people who buy prepaid phones as they want to have everything they need and nothing less. The company plans to release an updated version of the product once it gets into the hands of more consumers. OnePlus Nord CE

The phone features an advanced form of Dual SIM card technology, allowing it to work in different networks. It is also compatible with Jio, one of the leading mobile network in the world. One of the coolest features about this phone is the notification center, which offers the option to check your email, text messages and even watch YouTube videos. There is also a built-in Dictation tool, which is a very useful feature. The OnePlus Nord CE also comes with an inbuilt camera, which is capable of taking high quality pictures in good light.

The camera has a built-in barcode scanner, allowing it to be used like a traditional scanner. The device runs on Android Kit Kat 4.4 and is based on the Sense 4.5 mobile operating system from Google. The good thing about this phone is that it is capable of connecting to Bluetooth devices, including the iPhone and iPad. The device runs on a single 16 mega-pixel camera that has an ability to automatically focus the lens. The camera has an automatic focus, allowing for clearer pictures and videos.

The device has an inbuilt Android Security Suite, which allows users to make their devices secure and optimized for internet usage. The default android security suite includes Safety Center, Google Now and Google Places. This gives users access to their favorite apps, along with the protection they need from malware, viruses and other vulnerabilities. The default settings for the camera will allow for deletion of images and videos that show up after an uninstall, but the security updates provided by the manufacturer will allow for removal of any pre-installed apps.

The phone has two cameras, a front and a back camera. The selfies you take will look great no matter where you take them. The OnePlus Nord CE has a wide variety of interchangeable parts including a skin, a silicone skin, a cover, a battery and even a USB cable. The front and back cameras on the device are just as easy to change as the interchangeable parts. One thing you might want to consider, though, is if you want to use the selfies as your primary means of getting noticed on social media or if you want to use it as your primary means of making calls to friends.

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